Disclaimers / Ground Rules

Disclaimers, Disclosure, and Ground Rules

  1. My opinions are my opinions and not necessarily those of my employer: past, present, or future.
  2. My clients have typically been conservative, publicity-shy entities like the Fortune 100 and Government agencies. Understanding this will help you understand my opinions.
  3. My opinions are not advice - you need to perform due diligence yourself before making decisions. Exercise critical thinking. Think for yourself.  I change my mind when faced with new information and you should do the same.  
  4. Professionally, I consult, manage, and advise large enterprises - I am no longer a full-time software developer. However, I experiment frequently and keep a close watch on the technology.  As a result, you may find that my opinions lag the leading edge a bit.
  5. I am also a PhD student with a focus on "Software and Systems", in particular testing, cloud, and complexity theory.
  6. Please note that many links include affiliate links to Amazon and other companies. I do this for your convenience and my benefit. If you don't want to click on the links or ads, feel free to navigate to these products using the method of your choice.

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