Joy of TCC and Take Command - Directory and Command history

Did you know you can pre-populate your directory and command histories?

Why would you want to do that?  Well, when I'm doing software development, my project directories often require a lot of navigation.  I already know what directories I'm going to be using most.  So, I put them into the directory history  using the dirhistory command.

dirhistory /a src\node
dirhistory /a src\lib

That way, i can simply press control-page up and quickly select the directory to change to.

I also use gulp a lot so I like to have it in my history right away.  That's easy in TakeCommand:

history /a gulp

That's it.

Now, when I press Control-PgUp, I get the directories I prepopulated. When I press PgUp, I get the history command I populated (e.g. "gulp").


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