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the importance of hustle and why it matters

Anyone who has played a team sport, say soccer, knows the difference between speed and hustle.

Speed is distance over time.  Hustle is mind over matter.  Speed is how quickly you can get to the ball. Hustle is how quickly you get to the ball when ...

a) it's sitting in front of your goal and the goalie is gone
b) you're tired but you need that burst of energy to stop a run-away forward on the other team
c) when you decide you won't let the other guy/gal get to the ball before you.

In other words, hustle is what you to do win.  It's the difference between waiting for a pass to get to you and going out to meet the ball. It's Wayne Gretzky skating to where the puck will be.

In business, it is following up with a customer, or staying late one night because it is the last push to production.  Hustle is writing that thank-you note to the cleaning staff even though you want to go home or dropping a pizza off to the operations team working late tonight.    You don't h…