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Starting to use systemd instead of sysv init

I've starting my first attempts at using systemd.  For the moment, I'm quite impressed.  Despite the negativity i see on the web, this is a novel solution to a problem that has plagued unix from the start.  The init system needed to change and I'm pleased with this solution.

Using it is remarkably simple. Instead of writing a nasty shell script that everybody simply cloned without understanding, you simply use a configuration file that defines what you want rather than now to do it.  This is a big distinction from classic rc.local and SysVInit style solutions.

One configuration file handles the full life-cycle for your linux services: starting, stopping, restarting, etc.

I see several advantages to this approach:
1. Reduced opportunity to lock up a system
2. Simple installation
3. Consistency
4. Reliable stopping and restarting (often an issue with rc.d files.)
5. More declarative rather than procedural means simpler and less likely to break

Systemd also significantly redu…