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10 practical tips for daily business use of voice recognition

I enjoy using speech recognition software to write articles or papers. I find it extremely productive but there are definitely some tips you can follow to make your experience more enjoyable.

Here are my tips for using speech recognition and other related techniques:
1. Since neither Dragon Dictate nor Microsoft Speech Recognition (MSR) work in every application, you'll do well to keep MS Word running at all times. That way you can easily cut and paste from Word into your other applications.  
2. Watch out for homonyms!  Things that sound the same but aren't the same.  “There”, “Their”, “They're”. “Its”, “It's”. “Too”, “Two”, “To”.  You get the idea.  Your spelling checker will not flag them (although a good grammar checker might)  Remember, a dictation package will never make a spelling mistake but it can certainly choose the wrong word.
3. Learn the shortcut keys for your common apps so that you can quickly maneuver.
4. Consider a quick launcher like Baydenslickrun