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Using a Chromebook can alter your work habits in a good way

My wife bought me a Chromebook for Christmas.  I have been very interested by this technology for some time now. It's not that it is so innovative. It's that it is forcing me to be more cloud-oriented than I am already.

The Chromebook is very light and has a 12" screen.  The keyboard is pretty flat and resembles the keyboard you'd find on a Macbook.  I don't know how similar the feel is but it is certainly sufficient for typing. I'm writing this article using the Chromebook right now.

I'm not going to spend much time on the Chromebook itself -- you can read about the specs anywhere. The real impact, as I said earlier, is on your working habits.  I work in IT and am also studying on my PhD.  I do a lot of writing so a good keyboard, clear screen, and access to research materials is key to me.

The keyboard does not have function keys (F1 - F10) nor page-up and page-down keys, nor inse…