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Clean Code videos can effectively teach you, your staff, and your colleagues

I've begun watching Robert Martin (aka "Uncle Bob") Clean Coders videos and I have to admit,  I'm enjoying them quite a lot.  Every episode that I've seen so far has given me at least one good nugget of information worth the price of admission.

So, I recommend them.

Have your engineers and engineering managers watch these videos.  You don't have to be a coding guru to understand the key parts such as Test Driven Development and "code rot".

Building and maintaining systems is a core discipline in IT.  Maintainability, particularly of legacy systems, is a major headache for enterprises.  These videos cover the disciplines necessary for developing your  next legacy system right. (Yes, your bright shiny new system will become a legacy system once it goes to production.)

The key argument that Bob Martin makes is that without a comprehensive set of unit (and integration) tests, it is not possible to clean your code / systems w…