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Using Fossil SCM with Jenkins CI

Currently, there is no SCM plugin for Fossil in Jenkins. I've been coding one but it's not yet ready.

Update: I have permission from my employer to open source the plugin. Now if only I had the time...

Update 2:  I've created a github repo for my code:

It turns out, you should be able do a pretty good job of integrating Fossil into Jenkins without using such a plugin.

Here's my idea:

For now, you should just need the Xtrigger plugin. This plugin is capable of triggering a build based on a number of things changing. Among them, a web-addressable piece of content in XML.

Fossil is able to generate RSS feeds trivially.

On the Fossil machine, you'll want to start the fossil server as usual:

$ fossil server --port=1234

On the Jenkins machine, you'll simply install the Xtrigger plugin and set it to trigger a build, by polling the following URL for changes:



Fixing Stalker Game (Call of Pripyat) on STEAM

If you're a fan of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (the Ukrainian post-apocalyptic game) and you're using STEAM and Windows 7 64-bit, you may have real performance issues. Particularly on initial load.

if you just installed, just run it once with the standard compatibility setting of "Vista". It will be super slow. But this step appears to be necessary to run one time.

Then, Go to this directory (on whatever drive you installed the game):

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\stalker call of pripyat\bin

Right Click and Check properties on a file called:  "xrEngine.exe"
Turn off compatibility settings (particularly if it says Vista).
Turn off "run in 256 colors"
Turn off "run in 640x480"
Turn off "disable visual themes"
Turn off "disable desktop composition"
Turn off "disable display scaling"
Turn off "run this program as administrator"

Also, make sure you're not running Dexpot or some other multi-desktop …